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Body polishing

KLV AutoNet offers several types of services:

Car Washing

More than a necessity, the maintenance of your vehicle also requires careful and regular washing. So that your car retains the shine and brilliance of its early days, 2 washing options are available:

The Net Car option:

This option was specially developed for the regular maintenance of your car, starting with a thorough cleaning of the body, interior plastic components, mirrors to the complete vacuuming of the passenger compartment.

Lavage automobile Pertuis (Vaucluse)

The Rénov’Net Car Plus option:

This option will help you regain a healthy interior through a complete cleaning down to the smallest corners, including fabrics and leathers.

We use quality materials and products on the fabrics and carpet of the interior of your vehicle. All dirt and tough stains will be eliminated.

To perfect this option, we are also able to purify the air in the passenger compartment and the air conditioning system using the complete and rapid One Shot treatment, which eliminates bacteria, molds and viruses.

The use of this option is recommended 1-2 times per year.

Motorcycle Washing

The Net TWO WHEELS option assumes that  “a person does not wash his bike as he cleans his car.”

Although motorcycles are designed to be waterproof, high pressure cleaning can cause water infiltration in areas that are usually sealed. That is why we provide the suitable treatment to each material: plastic, chrome, rubber and mechanical parts.

Lavage automobile Pertuis (Vaucluse)

We degrease all surface mechanical parts and renovate plastics and rubbers. To get a perfect result, we advise you to opt for a chrome polishing (on request).

Washing of Boats, Jet Skis and Recreational Crafts

The Net BOAT option

We work on ports for the maintenance of pleasure boats, offering a wide range of services:

Maintenance and cleaning of the deck, cabin, hold, carpet, etc.

Polishing of stainless steel parts, superstructure and hull.

We also do valeting for all types of recreational crafts.

Lavage automobile Pertuis (Vaucluse)

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