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Body treatment

For the treatment of the body of your vehicle, we propose the PERMAGARD method.

PERMAGARD, a French company present in 26 countries, was established in 1998.

It specializes in the development and manufacture of long lasting high-end protection for paints and gel coat, as well as a range of interior treatment and protection products.

Lavage automobile Pertuis (Vaucluse)
Lavage automobile Pertuis (Vaucluse)

PERMAGARD is a special coating method which makes use of the reactive polymer coating technology to form a protective film on painted surfaces. This product can be applied to all vehicle surfaces, marine and aviation.

Once applied to the body by a certified technician, the PERMAGARD treatment vitrify the paint on the vehicle, forming an extremely smooth, uniform, glossy and permanent protective film.

Recently, after studying a number of similar processes, BMW France and MINI have partnered with PERMAGARD, registered in Germany, thus making the process the most efficient on the market, reinforcing its position of leader in aesthetic protection.

The benefits of PERMAGARD for your car:

  • The protection of painted surfaces (new or used vehicles) against UV rays, bird droppings, bugs, sap, moisture, industrial fallout, fuel, exhaust gas, grease, tar, sand and salt.
  • Repair and paint protection against oxidation, removal of fine scratches and traces of maintenance products.
  • Extension of the life span of paint on the long term and the holding of a lasting shine.
  • Possibility of repainting because it contains no Teflon, silicone or wax.
  • Discontinuing the use of detergents. Water is enough to clean the interior and exterior surfaces of the vehicle.
  • Approval from insurance companies to restore damaged surfaces.

PERMAGARD meets on one hand the challenges with regard to the protection of the environment for a car maker and on the other hand the expectations of customers with regard to the protection and preservation of our planet.

Lavage automobile Pertuis (Vaucluse)

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